The 'Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki' was formed in 1987 under the direction of Mary Konstantinidou.

It consists of 65 members aged 20-60 years old, musicians or students of music and covers a wide range of repertoire including works from the Renaissance, the Classical and Romantic period, works from contemporary music, oratorios , and masses , operas and musicals, works of Byzantine music and Greek composers.

The 'Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki' has participated many times in concerts that took place at the 'Dimitria Festival', at the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Hall , at the Greek National Opera and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, at the 'Greek Festival' of Athens and 'Ιnternational Music Days' of Thessaloniki, at the Ancient Theater of Ephesus, cooperating with Greek and foreign state orchestras in operas and oratorios.

The 'Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki' has performed also in Spain, Rome, Vienna, Hungary, Prague, London, Wales, Finland, Albania, Russia and Turkey. It was awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at International Competitions in Athens, Rome and Llangollen.

In 1997, the choir participated in the 'Thessaloniki, the European Capital of Culture for 1997' with many concerts with works of contemporary composers from Greece and abroad that were performed for the first time on T.V. αnd radio productions and in 2000, it participated in the 'Prague, the European Capital of Culture for 2000' with works of Czech composers.

Since 1993, the 'Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki' has cooperated with the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and with the State Symphony Orchestras of Thessaloniki and Athens. In the meantime, it has also cooperated with the Symphony Orchestras of Chemnitz, Westphalia, Ankara and the Radio of Prague.

From 2000 to 2010, the choir has participated in 20 opera productions at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, at the Opera of Thessaloniki, at the Athens Festival, at the Apollonia International Festival of Albania and at the Settembre Mascagnano of Italy.